The interesting story behind the color scheme of the Nike Zoom Freak 2 “Taxi”

Before Giannis Antetokounmpo became the owner of two consecutive MVP titles with a huge supermax contract, he was a rookie with a decent salary with his 15th pick at the NBA Draft. There’s even been an interesting rookie season’s “Demigod” story that has now been featured in Giannis Antetokounmpo’s latest shoe – Nike Zoom Freak 2. color called “Taxi”.

Not hard to see on the entire shoe is the appearance of yellow, black and gray. This is the characteristic color of the familiar taxi pockets in America. To emphasize details regarding this form of movement, the design team also placed plaid squares on the heels in black and gold. Not suddenly Giannis Antetokounmpo had a special relationship with such taxis. The interesting story between these two things was told by journalist Chris Mannix in Sports Illustrated as follows.

That year was 2013, Giannis Antetokounmpo’s first season in the NBA. During a tour, he received his salary and called a taxi to go to the nearest Western Union transaction office. Giannis’ aim was to send wages back to his family in his home country of Greece. But since it was Giannis’ first time doing this, he accidentally sent all the money in his pocket back to his family. This means that Antetokounmpo could not afford to wave a taxi back to the hotel. Since there would be a Milwaukee Bucks game a few hours later, Giannis started jogging back to the hotel. He ran about 1 mile on the street when he was recognized by a certain couple. From here, Giannis was brought to the hotel by the couple to prepare for the match.

This is a somewhat humorous story, but it also shows how much Giannis Antetokounmpo loves his family. Now after 7 years of playing and achieving many achievements, “The Goddess” has a huge property, and in order to never forget the taxi story that year, Giannis decided to make a solid color scheme. separate on its own shoe line.

So the design of the Nike Zoom Freak 2 “Taxi” is worthy of the “feelings” of Giannis and the expectations of the sneakers of believers?
Zoom Freak 2 Taxi has a simple gray that stretches from the top to the bottom of the shoe with the upper wearing a dark gray color, the big swoosh that stretches the upper back is a silver silver and the other is a softer silver in the midsole. However, the center surfaces are markedly contrasting yellow and red in color, the anterior part occupying the mantle covering.

The red branding on the reed with its name and branding completely deflects the color tone of the shoe, and the side-heeled gold Geek Freak emblem creates a combination of both eye-catching tones, along with that. is its position in the back below the “chess board” reminiscent of the familiar taxi color schemes on basketball shoes. The Underfoot designed for Antetokounmpo-eurostep-outsoles is a bright yellow color.

The special feature of the shoe also comes from the details on the heel with two pieces of fabric to hook with the typical motif of a taxi in the US along with the words “Off duty” on the left and the number 34 (number of the jersey of the you) on the right. The gum soles are extremely durable and will not disappoint you if you are a person looking for a durable basketball shoe.

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