Duplicate Swoosh on Nike’s stunning white gold color scheme

As for the Nike Air Force 1 line, there is not much need to introduce as they are so popular and there are very few models that reach perfection in their price range. However, the quintessential Nike sneakers have added a bit of art to shine even more. In this version the Nike Swoosh logo has been duplicated, the Nike branding is bold and moreover makes the AF1 stand out in a sea of ​​Triple White or Triple Black.

Premium white contrasting leather with “Light Ginger” details highlight a large Swoosh in the center of the side, heels, tongue pads and outsole. Additionally, Nike added two black Swoosh mini logos on the rear rear quadrant, as well as a white embroidered Swoosh mark on the aforementioned heel tab.

Not letting you forget the brand you’re wearing, Nike adds two Swoosh logos and even the word “SWOOSH” on a “Light Ginger / Black” embroidered tongue tab. Branding “AIR” appears on the midsole, while details like perforations in the toe box complete this bold design.

The Nike Air Force 1 “White / Light Ginger / Black” retails for € 99 EUR (about $ 120 USD) and can be purchased on the New Jordan 2020 website right now.

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